Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Tuesday, October 19th

Two weeks from today is Election Day. I hope that everyone will be able to get out and vote. There are plenty of opportunities to vote between now and then with early voting. Also, the voter registration office on Memorial Drive will be open this Saturday, October 23rd, 8 am
until 5 pm.

Remember, voting is a privilege not available in every country. If you want change and your voice to be heard, you must express yourselves by voting!

Here is the link to the early voting information page on the Dekalb Voter Registration website:


Tuesday, October 5, 2010

October 5, 2010

Thank you for visiting the Bobbe Gillis for Dekalb School Board blog.

I have been attending forums, meetings and researching non-stop for the past several weeks, and intend to continue to do so for the next several weeks. Remember, Election Day is Tuesday, November 2nd and everyone needs to get out and vote!!

On Tuesday, September 21st I attended a meeting about plans for the future of Dunwoody redevelopment. I have contacted the planners to let them know that when elected to the board I would like to be involved in this discussion. I would like some assurance that if there is to be any high density development, our already overcrowded schools will be compensated by additions or the building of a new school.

On Tuesday, September 28th I attended the EduKalb forum at Dunwoody City Hall. My opponent was there and several other prospective board members. The incumbent for District 1 was not in attendance that evening. I was pleased to see that everyone who was in attendance has the same goal - a better education for all our children.

My words and actions came across as "a nice lady." Thank you for that compliment and I just want to say that this nice lady is also smart and passionate about the DeKalb County School System. I realize that there is an incredible amount of work to be done, but I believe that it can be accomplished with a board of education that works together as a team.

Thank you Nancy Minnich for hosting some Chamblee parents on Friday morning. It was a pleasure to meet with all of you and learn of your concerns. I truly appreciate your commitment to our school system and your devotion to your students. I would gladly work beside you on all that needs to be done to make Chamblee High School a true reflection of its magnificent student body. Last night, many of you were at the Board of Education work session. Kudos to Karen Ruffin for submitting your concerns and goals for Chamblee High School so articulately.

Upcoming events:

Thursday, October 7th EduKalb Debate for all DCSB candidates
Dekalb Medical Center Theatre, 6:30-9 pm

Friday, October 8th ODE interview 3 pm

Monday, October 11th DCSB meeting 6 pm at Mountain Ind. Blvd. facility

Sunday, October 17th New Hope Church Community Day
10:30 am - 1 pm "A Day to Honor our public officials and servants"

Sunday, October 17th Meet and Greet at the home of Ted and Renee Walkup, 7 pm.

Thurday, October 21st DECA meeting at Dresden Elementary School 7 pm

Tuesday, October 26th DHA forum at Dunwoody United Methodist Church, 7 pm

Thursday, October 28th Lunch and Learn at Dunwoody Library, 12 noon

Monday, November 1, DCSB Work session 6 pm at Mountain Ind.

Tuesday, November 2nd , Election Day

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

September 21, 2010

Many of you have asked me if I responded to the questionnaire distibuted by EduKalb. I did, and my biography/highlight was published at the beginning of August. Last Thursday, September 16th I had the great priviledge of participating in an EduKalb interview at the Holiday Inn in downtown Decatur. I felt like the interview went well, and I had some good conversation about the DCSS with the interviewers. All the candidates were interviewed that day, and EduKalb will be posting their findings sometime soon on their site. Candidate questionnaires have been posted to the EduKalb site. Here is a link to my page: http://edukalb.org/?page_id=400

On Thursday, October 7th, EduKalb and the League of Women Voter's will be hosting at School Board candidate debate in the theatre at DeKalb Medical Center. The debate will include most all candidates, although I did see that our incumbent is unable to attend, and will be from 6:30 to 9 pm. It is open the public. The League of Women Voters have also compiled a voter guide ( I submitted answers to questions for this) and it will be published online at the Champion and in the AJC. Here is the link: http://ajc.com/voterguide

Many of you have asked for pins and signs and will have both in the next couple of weeks.

In the meantime, my friend Margaret Pumper is hosting a coffee for me on Saturday, Sept. 25th.
I will be attending the North DeKalb Republican Women's luncheon following the coffee.

On Tuesday, September 28th there will be an EduKalb Candidate forum at Dunwoody City
Hall at 6:30 pm.

On October 1st I will be attending a coffee hosted by Chamblee parent, Nancy Minnich.

On Wednesday, Oct. 6th at 8:45 am at Chamblee High School there will be at DCPC meeting and EduKalb will come and talk about their purpose.

On Sunday, Oct. 17th my friend, Renee Walkup will host a coffee at her house.

On Thursday, Oct. 21st at 7 pm there will be at Candidate forum at Dresden Elementary School sponsored by the DECA.

In the last week of October there are 2 forums planned. The Dunwoody Homeowner's Association is hosting one of Tuesday, October 26th at 7 pm at Dunwoody United Methodist Church. The DeKalb Chamblee Parent's Council will host a lunch and learn at the Dunwoody Library on Thursday, October 28th, noon.

I hope to meet each of you at least one of these events. I am excited about the serving you as your Board of Education member. As always, please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

School Board Meeting Monday, September 7th

I attended the Dekalb County School Board last night and was impressed by how well the meeting flowed and the progress that was made between the board members.

I strongly suggest that you read about it here: http://dekalbschoolwatch.blogspot.com/

Great blog and very informative!

It has been a long time....

I can't believe school has been is session almost a full month. The Gillis family slipped into it like we had never left.

Since I last wrote I have been very active meeting new people and listening to their ideas and concerns for our school system. I keep hearing the same thing, and I am glad. We have one common goal - the very best education for our children! Now, we all need to work together to replace those on our school board with other active and intelligent parents. I say "parents" because we all know that parents are the key factor in implementing positive change in our schools.

I am very fortunate to be running for the School Board in a district where so many parents are very involved and passionate about the schools. I'd like to share our vision and support those in other districts so that there schools can become better.

Here are a few of the things I have been doing to let the public know that I am running for this office and intend to win this seat!

On Thursday, Sept. 19th I stopped by to see Mayor Ray Jenkins of Doraville and while in that vicinity also visited with Ms. Pearch, the Principal of Cary Reynolds Elementary School. Ms Pearch is very passionate about her school and has done an outstanding job of creating an atmosphere of harmony amongst so many diverse cultural groups. Ms. Pearch shared with me some of her accomplishments as principal. The first year she was at Cary Reynolds the school did not meet AYP by merely 2 students. Since that time (9 years) the school has met AYP every year! Fantastic Ms. Pearch! Yes, it can be done and I would like to have more information from you to share with other schools which are experiencing difficulty.

Last Wednesday, I was able to share a cup of coffee with Mayor Ken Wright of Dunwoody. Through the course of our conversation I was able to learn that Mayor Wright and I share a passion for outstanding schools in our district, our county, our state and our country.

I believe this can be achieved. We just need to make it a priority in all our lives. Whether or not you have children in our public schools, it is in your best interest to make certain that our schools "keep kids first." We are educating our future leaders, business people, doctors, lawyers, every position imaginable and some we don't even know of yet! We are also falling short on the education of many, and these children are turning into non-productive adults. Imagine the financial burden that could be eliminated if our children were educated properly.

Each week I have been in my children's schools volunteering my time and getting to know the parents. You are all wonderful! Keep up the good work and don't forget the good news about the DCSS - you have a choice to elect a new board member on November 2nd that shares your passion.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

First week of school

Hope everyone in District 1 had a good first week back to school. I heard of buses that were as much as 50 minutes late for pick up on the first day, 40 minutes the second day and 30 minutes the third. By the 4th day the drivers had decided that needed to tell the students they were coming at a later time and therefore were only 15 minutes late. I know that traffic around DHS, Vanderlyn and DES must have been an absolute mess, but I think by now all the kinks should be worked out and thing should be running smoother. Everything I heard and read indicated that this would be easier week transportation wise.

I also heard stories of school buildings where the heat was on! Imagine 95 degrees plus outside and just the same inside. Hope those schools are nice and cool on Monday morning when the students and teachers go back.

More bad press for Dekalb County Schools this week - I won't even go into it. By now I am certain that everyone knows of each unsavory tidbit. All I can say is that there is good news for the citizens of Dekalb County. Come November 2nd we have the opportunity to elect 4 new board members, who can hopefully steer our school board towards a brighter future and find a qualified superintendent who is interested in the needs of our children and community.

There was an article in the Dunwoody Crier this week about eduKalb. I mentioned in an earlier blog that I had responded to questions from them at the beginning of August. This week I was pleased to see that they featured me along with incumbent, Dr. Walker. The eduKalb website is very informative and I encourage all to read it. http://edukalb.org/

There is a great article on the site about Dunwoody's Mayor Ken Wright, who serves on the eduKalb board. Here is the link: http://edukalb.org/?p=275. This is a quote from the article which I feel strongly agree with, "Dunwoody focuses a lot of time on chickens, signs, and zoning, but NOTHING on schools. The schools are the backbone of every community. You can remove every chicken, every piece of signage, every multi-colored strand of Christmas lights, and every apartment building in Dunwoody – but without great schools Dunwoody will stumble."

We have the opportunity to make our schools great! Let's do it!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

DHS meeting and Registration day

I attended the Dunwoody High School meeting on Wednesday night regarding construction updates at the school. The meeting turned into an update about the parking situation going into the new year.

The construction team has come up with a viable plan to park the entire faculty, the construction personel and 100 Seniors. The parking seems very tight and will hopefully be very carefully regimented. As a parent the current plan seems scary. The idea is to route traffic dropping students off through student and faculty parking and in between the school and learning cottages. There will be police direction the first day and as needed for the first week. My advice to any parent is to encourage their child to walk or ride their bike to the school - it simply seems like too much activity on too small a piece of property with too many inexperienced drivers and students wandering about to be safe.

The plan also calls for the removal of the trailers in the next couple of months - date unconfirmed. At that time there will be 60 additional parking spaces available, but still very tight in a school of 1500+ students.

Call it "green" but I still think walking or riding a bike if you are close enough to the school makes the most sense.

On Thursday I attended two District 1 school registrations, Austin and Peachtree Charter Middle School. Austin, which I have attended for the last 8 years was an absolute mob scene.
I can't pinpoint exactly why it was so much more crowded and difficult to navigate then in years past, but it did leave me thinking that something needs to changed for the future. Peachtree was alright and I heard from many that both Dunwoody Elementary and Dunwoody High School registrations were very chaotic.

Wouldn't it be smart to instigate a system where returning students only have to show up with current proof of residency and pick up their schedules? I feel strongly that all paperwork could be completed in the spring and over the summer the administrators come up with a plan for returning students and to accomodate for new students by looking at past enrollment.